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Interview on...

It's interview day over on as part of my RockStar book tour!
This interview has questions about my writing process, the story, and writing influences.

Guest Post on Wandering Bark Books

Ever wonder what goes through an author's head while drafting a fairy-tale retelling? Today on Wandering Bark Books, I talk about what I found the easiest versus what I found the hardest while writing Cinderella, Necromancer.
I mean, I wanted to say "the hardest part is forcing myself to work when all I really want to do is play Guild Wars 2 and eat cake," but I figured people might want a more specific answer than that. 
But just know that's what I was really thinking. :P 

A Day in the Life of... on BookHounds YA Blog

How do I spend my a typical writing day?! 
Am I a fully functioning adult, or am I a sad excuse for a human being who must force myself to perform such basic tasks as dressing myself and/or eating food?
Find out today RIGHT HERE!