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The World of Cinderella, Necromancer

When Book Blitz asked me for a post on the world-building of Cinderella, Necromancer, I was a little unsure how to manage that... did you want to read pages and pages of German medieval history? I mean, maybe that's your thing, I shouldn't assume. 
So instead of list a bunch of facts, I focused instead of how I approached the world building, from the historical side versus the fairy-tale side.
Hopefully the aspiring writers out there who are reading this will find it helpful!

10 Things You Don't Know About Me (Guest Post on I Read Indie)

In my defense, these ten things are probably rather apparent if you've either:
a) gone to school with me
b) follow my Instagram account 
c) know me in real life
...but I'm assuming that most of you don't, so... I warn you in advance, things get weird. razz

Why You'll Love This Book might not.
Trust me. I have a good reason. But you'll have to head over to YA Chit-Chat to find out!
CLICKY for the reveal! wink