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Friday Flash: "More Fun"

Happy Friday!
Today's Friday Flash is about getting out there and living life...and being overwhelmed by the choices. It's a little bit auto-biographical -- I used to get those emails from WagJag and GroupOn and all those other group-buying services, and found that there were literally too many things I wanted to try! And then I'd find myself frustrated at how big the world is, how much I'll never know or experience, and then I'd be stuck in this infinite loop of "do I try it? but what's the point?" and yeah, I may have gotten a little melodramatic about it at times.
And before you ask, yes -- I did try the skydiving simulator at Niagara Falls. It was super fun. :D

Everyone wishes they could have more fun in their lives. But what about the people who want to have lessfun? Yeah, that’s right. We exist.

"Why don’t you say no the next time somebody asks you to do something?” asked my oh-so perceptive friend Rachel.

"Thanks, I didn’t think of that,” I replied. No stink, Sherlock. "What do you think I’ve been doing the past three months?”

"Practicing how to say no in the mirror?”

I wanted to kick her in the kneecaps. Instead I settled for throwing a couch cushion at her head.

"Problem is, there’s just so much to experience, it’s like… if I don’t get out and have fun, try new things, I’m going to come to the end of my life having wasted it all sitting around watching Vampire Diaries reruns and eating cheap potato chips.”

"Get a Costco membership. They have the good stuff at decent prices, plus you get like seven bags per trip.” Rachel stretched her arms above her head and yawned. She never had any fun. I envied her at times like this.

"You’re missing the point,” I said, standing up and crossing my arms. "With all these GroupOn and WagJag and whatever deals, there’s more fun to be had than ever before! It’s like… there are hundreds of things to do that I didn’t know existed before group buying sites. And I thought I had too much to do already…”

Rachel poked me in the leg. I buckled backward on purpose and let the momentum carry me to the floor, sitting cross-legged and burying my head in my hands.

"You know, most people don’t even have the courage to get off their couches let alone try, uh, what was it you did last weekend?”

I groaned. "Skydiving simulator at Niagara Falls.”

"You’re insane,” she said.

"I know.” I sighed and rolled back until I lay on the carpet, staring up at the stucco ceiling. Next weekend I had a painting class scheduled where I was supposed to learn painting textures. I don’t paint, but I thought I could use it to re-do the ceiling in my room.

"Too much fun,” Rachel said, yawning again and closing her eyes. She snuggled against the pillow I’d thrown at her at minute ago. "It’s not like life is there to be experienced or anything.”

Don’t I know it.


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