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Interview with Tobie Easton for the Swanky Seventeens

I recently interviewed Tobie Easton, author of EMERGE, about her debut YA novel for the Swanky Seventeens blog feature "The Debut Club."

Tobie is a Sweet Sixteens debut member, and I was excited to read EMERGE and talk to her about the book, the writing process, and also ask a few fun questions about the ocean & mermaids. I loved the story, the characters and the world she created, so if you like mermaid stories, this is definitely a book to dive into! (*cough*pun intended*cough*)

Another exciting aspect to this interview is that Tobie is also published by Month9Books, so she's a pub sister too! It was great to share in her debut excitement, giving me a little more insight into what it'll be like for me next year.
You can check out the interview RIGHT HERE


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