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My Path to Publication

Everyone's roads to publication are different. I can't stress that enough! But I do love reading others' stories about first draft to finished book, so I was happy to guest post on Confessions of a YA Reader about this very topic. <--- clicky
I hope you find it hopeful and inspiring, especially if you're in the midst of your own journey to publication!

If I knew then what I know now about writing...

...what would my present self go back and tell Past!Faith about writing, publishing, and the process of storytelling?
I've learned a lot over the years. Did you know I wrote the first draft of Cinderella, Necromancer in 2012? Seriously. Yep, there's a lot I'd tell my past self...
To read it all, please head over to Cal's Constant Raving Reviews for the whole story! <--- clicky
Have a wonderful day!

Recent Reads (& Screamy Squees)

Look, I read a lot of books. It's the nature of the job.
And when BookHounds YA asked me what my favorite books were this year, I froze up... because how could I possibly choose?!?!? 
So, I didn't. Instead, I listed the first ten debut novels I've read this year and shouted three word phrases at you about why you should read them (basically, what I loved about them).