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Sunday Street Team: Interview #2!

Yes, that's right... a second interview, with totally different questions!
Where the first interview link I posted today was more personal, this interview focused more on writing Cinderella, Necromancer and my writing process. 
Hope you enjoy one or both, depending on your area of interest. ^_^ 

Thanks again to the Sunday Street Team for having me!

Sunday Street Team: Interview & Giveaway!

I'm so excited to be featured in the Sunday Street Team this September!
Today I'm over at A Thousand Words, A Million Books giving an interview on writing, my favorite ice cream, whether I'd rather be locked in a bookstore or a library, and more! 

My Path to Publication

Everyone's roads to publication are different. I can't stress that enough! But I do love reading others' stories about first draft to finished book, so I was happy to guest post on Confessions of a YA Reader about this very topic. <--- clicky
I hope you find it hopeful and inspiring, especially if you're in the midst of your own journey to publication!