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Interview with Tobie Easton for the Swanky Seventeens

I recently interviewed Tobie Easton, author of EMERGE, about her debut YA novel for the Swanky Seventeens blog feature "The Debut Club."

Tobie is a Sweet Sixteens debut member, and I was excited to read EMERGE and talk to her about the book, the writing process, and also ask a few fun questions about the ocean & mermaids. I loved the story, the characters and the world she created, so if you like mermaid stories, this is definitely a book to dive into! (*cough*pun intended*cough*)

Another exciting aspect to this interview is that Tobie is also published by Month9Books, so she's a pub sister too! It was great to share in her debut excitement, giving me a little more insight into what it'll be like for me next year.
You can check out the interview RIGHT HERE

"Waiting on" Wednesday: "Genesis Girl" (Blank Slate #1)

"Waiting on" Wednesday is a weekly feature started by Breaking the Spine blog, where upcoming & anticipated books are spotlighted -- there's a massive sign-up list where you can visit all the bloggers who are participating in the event, so if you want to check out more up-and-coming books, do head over there and take a look! 
Genesis Girl (Blank Slate #1) 
Jennifer Bardsley
Releases: Sept. 27th, 2016
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC
Description from GoodReads: 

Eighteen-year-old Blanca has lived a sheltered life. Her entire childhood has been spent at Tabula Rasa School where she’s been protected from the Internet. 

Blanca has never been online and doesn’t even know how to text. Her lack of a virtual footprint makes her extremely valuable, and upon graduation, Blanca and those like her are sold to the highest bidders.

Blanca is purchased by Cal McNeal, who uses her to achieve personal gain. But the McNeals are soon horrified by just how obedient and non-defiant Blanca is. All those mind-numbing years locked away from society have made her mind almost impenetrable. 

By the time Blanca is ready to think for herself, she is trapped. Her only chance of escape is to go online.

Friday Flash: "Castle"

It's once again time for the bi-weekly Friday Flash feature, where I post stories originally found on the long-gone storypraxis blog.

This week's is a short one...I feel like maybe someday it could become a longer story, but for now, this is what I came up with when given the storypraxis prompt "castle."



From his hiding place, he watched them. Carriages, pulled by horses with shiny, diamond studded tack, rolled in and out of the castle gates, day in and day out. He wondered what they were doing – the people presumably in the carriages, not the horses, as that was evident enough – and why they rushed around here and there, to and fro, night and day.

Of course, he’d be lying if he said he didn’t want to see the inside of the place for himself. He’d heard tales of red and purple carpets, gold candelabras, and a beautiful princess that a man could only hope to glimpse from afar. Rumor had it she was betrothed to a prince two kingdoms away, the wedding already planned and set for the coming spring.

He squinted in the sunlight, noticing a rather large chest drawn by a team of four overworked horses. They were sweating, and clearly hadn’t been given enough rest. What was inside? How could he ever find out? What would it take for him to simply stroll down to the castle walls and slip inside?

Where was the justice of the universe that resigned him to watching the privileged from the side of a mountain?

With a sigh of resignation, he folded his wings, and slunk back into his cave.