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YASH Scavenger Hunt: Team Purple!

Hey hey, hunters!
The Fall YASH Scavenger Hunt is about to begin (on Tuesday, to be exact) and I'll be participating... among, uh, 139 other authors. Yay!
This is bound to be a ton of fun, and a rather massive event, running from Oct.3rd until Oct. 8th. Look for my post to go up on Tuesday around 3pm EST, where I host an author whose book is full of adventure, passion, twists, magic... feel free to make your guesses, and then come back on Tuesday to see if you're right!
Head over to the YASH website (linked above) for more details & to see all the teams!
Happy Hunting! Er, Scavenging! Er... reading? Let's go with that. razz

CINDERELLA, NECROMANCER in Kings County Newspaper

The county where I grew up -- Kings County, Nova Scotia (Canada) -- was kind enough to feature me in their local newspaper this past week! The article posted on their website last week and will be in print this week.

It's my first "published author" newspaper feature, and it's heartwarming to keep a connection with the place that I feel most connected to from my childhood.
And hopefully, this helps me to track down my grade 5 teacher who had such a strong influence on my love of writing. Fingers crossed!

My "All-Time Favorite" Literary Characters

All right, so choosing "favorite" literary characters is about as easy as deciding between cake and ice cream (I LOVE THEM BOTH OKAY), but for the sake of brevity, I chose five. Just five!
Check it out here at Rockin' Book Reviews (clicky!) -- but here's a little tidbit in advance... not all give are human! wink